Fall brings change and excitement!

So as we enter into autumn we enter into a season that represents change.  Although our bodies may want to start to hunker down, settle into a routine, winterize it’s important to be open to change and new opportunities, to stay flexible and willing to try new things. Why not reach out to another local musician, collaborate with someone new?  Challenge yourself and try out a new instrument.  In the spirit of change and collaboration we are wrapping up our latest album.  We are very excited about it! We’ve been working with Schoen Oslund(Idea Man Studios) and we’ve got a number of stellar musicians who performed on the album such as Shane Akers on dobro(The Dollys, Sister Shaw among several other incredible bands), Jim McGuinn Slusarek on dobro, lap steel, piano and Deke McCallum on uke).  Everybody has been working incredibly hard to finish this album and we are eternally grateful for all the perseverance and artistic expression that has been laid down.  Now, we just need a name for it!  If you have an idea, shoot us a message.

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