Avalon Fest and a New Video

We’re excited to be at Avalon Fest with lots of great bands, including one of my major folk influences, Johnny Hermanson from Storyhill. Music all weekend, and we’re on Sunday, August 28, at 10 am. We’ll also be at MacGroveland Fest in St. Paul, MN on September, 10, 2:00. Finally, a new video! We’ve been talking about doing something visual for our song “Where Do You Go at Night” for two years. One recent kid-free day we challenged ourselves to shoot something in 1 hour. Here’s what happened:

Grand Old Day 2016 "off road"


What a great way to kick off summer!  Friends & Family, music, food and fabulous weather.  Good times.  Thanks to all the musicians and the people who listened.  Joining The Falderals for this set is Threat of the Banjo members, Jim McGuinn and Deke McCallum.