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The Falderals album, Witness, was released with a special event and tour kick-off at The Aster in Minneapolis.  Listen to the songs below, and see the new.

Their previous album was hailed as a “true taste of American folk music” by The Superior Telegram and they have been ranked one of the Top Twin Cities’ Folk Acts by Reverb Nation.

The new album is a song cycle that explores the waxing and waning of love over the course of a long-term commitment. It features guests Shane Akers of Fathom Lane and The Dolly’s, Jim McGuinn of 89.3 The Current, and Derek McCallum from Threat of the Banjo.

They’ll be traveling the US this summer on their “Do What You Love Tour.” With three kids, a minivan, and a passion for music and life, they’ll be playing dates in Madison, Milwaukee, Akron, DC, Ashville, Austin, St. Louis, Omaha, and more, blogging about the experience of touring with kids and never giving up on doing what you love at the educational website

They’ve been called “new folk for old souls” and are praised for their “smooth as silk vocals, pleasing lyrics, and tight playing” (KFAI Radio). Lyrical songwriting and powerful harmonies, which often draw comparisons to Simon and Garfunkel, Cowboy Junkies, and The Civil Wars, makes their music resonate with all ages and walks of life.


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What started out as a campfire collaboration in the Peace Corps, continued on in Chicago, where Rebecca and Andy became street performers. Now they are a staple in the Twin Cities’ alt-folk scene. Their third child never missed a gig (for her first nine months), despite the loud thump of Rebecca’s giant acoustic bass just inches from her head. The Falderals take their name from an old nonsense folk lyric (“fal-de-ral diddle-o-day”) and trace their sound back to Andy’s childhood obsession with The Kingston Trio (the only album his parents owned).


They’ll tug at your heart strings with buttered harmonies and foot-stomping instrumentation and a unique mix of folk and pop sprinkled with bluegrass.

They can be seen performing regularly in the Midwest at venues like The 331, The Aster, The Midtown Global Market, The Amsterdam, and Beaner’s and Fitzgers in Duluth, as well as other popular clubs in the region.


A live studio performance on KFAI radio:

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