What Fun at the Aster!

Thank you to old friends and new who came out to the Aster and shared the night with us! While making and sharing music isn’t about money for us, your support helped us get closer to our goal of finishing up the mastering process of our album.  It can be hard to make ends meet on a teacher’s salary and 5 insatiable bellies to feed. SO making a little cash while doing what we love is an extra bonus! What a great energy in the room on the 1st of Feb.  SO much fun and was all because of you!  We can’t wait to be back at The Aster Cafe for our CD release May 30th.  Mark your calendars and come celebrate with us!

Feb 1st @The Aster Cafe

This Minnesota winter has been Siberian.  All the more reason to get out and warm the soul with some music, delicious food and beverages at The Aster Cafe.  It’s a cozy venue with beautiful sound, situated just along the river.   We hope to see your beautiful faces and your friends’/family’s beautiful faces.  The cover proceeds, only $6, will help us finish the Mastering process on our forthcoming album.  So you’ll be contributing to art in a cozy relaxing, why-the-hell-not-go-out-on-a-Saturday-night kind of way.  See you and yours there!

The Happy Falder-oliday EP!

The Happy Falder-oliday EP features a few of our favorite Christmas songs which we recorded over a few nights a couple of years back. We’ve never released it, until now. It’s available to download at our website (TheFalderals.com). 100% of the money you pay (and you can choose any amount, or free!) goes right to Unbound, one of the best, top-rated, and most effective international child/elderly sponsorship charities out there (see what they do at www.cfcusa.org). Don’t miss track six, featuring a much younger Hayk singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Fall brings change and excitement!

So as we enter into autumn we enter into a season that represents change.  Although our bodies may want to start to hunker down, settle into a routine, winterize it’s important to be open to change and new opportunities, to stay flexible and willing to try new things. Why not reach out to another local musician, collaborate with someone new?  Challenge yourself and try out a new instrument.  In the spirit of change and collaboration we are wrapping up our latest album.  We are very excited about it! We’ve been working with Schoen Oslund(Idea Man Studios) and we’ve got a number of stellar musicians who performed on the album such as Shane Akers on dobro(The Dollys, Sister Shaw among several other incredible bands), Jim McGuinn Slusarek on dobro, lap steel, piano and Deke McCallum on uke).  Everybody has been working incredibly hard to finish this album and we are eternally grateful for all the perseverance and artistic expression that has been laid down.  Now, we just need a name for it!  If you have an idea, shoot us a message.

Looking Forward to July 20!

The Falderals are looking forward to July 20th in Duluth, when we will be playing at the Northwoods Music Festival with our full band, including support from Jim McGuinn and Derek McCallum. Hope the ticks and the mosquitoes are not too bad.  We just took the kids camping and got covered in deer ticks.  Here’s to summer’s in Minnesota!  Get outside anyway.

331 club

It’s always so much fun it is to play at The 331 Club in NE mpls.  Such nice folks there; staff and patrons.  It’s a down to earth space and with a gritty-hip vibe. Jason does a great job on sound and he is so easy to work with.  Art a Wirl is happening this wknd starting 5/17 so head over to 331 and the surrounding area to check out some excellent bands!

That was fun

It was so fun to play at the Aster.  We felt honored to be there as it is a regular foot-stompin’ ground for many of our Twin Cities local musicians.  Such great sound, fun staff, excellent food and thanks to you all, a DELICIOUS crowd!  Thanks for coming out and supporting us and we hope you like the new EP.  We are working hard to finish up touches to our forthcoming album; proving tricky with bandmates having full time jobs.  Come see us at Dunn Brothers every month or Superior for a festival or…

The New Video "Love it Through," from the Folk It! EP

We are proud of our new EP, Folk It! which we recorded with some friends over the last few months.  It got some songs out of our system which won’t be included on our soon-to-be released album.  Here’s a video we made (in five minutes) to feature one of the songs. The album is available for download here.