The Happy Falder-oliday EP!

The Happy Falder-oliday EP features a few of our favorite Christmas songs which we recorded over a few nights a couple of years back. We’ve never released it, until now. It’s available to download at our website ( 100% of the money you pay (and you can choose any amount, or free!) goes right to Unbound, one of the best, top-rated, and most effective international child/elderly sponsorship charities out there (see what they do at Don’t miss track six, featuring a much younger Hayk singing “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”


Pick up our latest release here, Witness

Check Out the New Album

Listen to, see, hear, feel and touch the new album at  You can name your own price for a digital copy, or buy the real thing for 10 bucks.

The Falderals’s live in-studio performance at KFAI:

The Falderals, “Warm Things”, KFAI Radio in-studio performance

Oh My My (Sound Advice) Official Video